Celebration of Love with a Marriage between two people in a private, casual or formal wedding is a blessing.

Renewal of Vows or a Commitment ceremony should be unique to reflect your individual personalities, families and friends.

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Funerals/Naming Ceremonies

As a Celebrant I understand how difficult finding the right person is to assist you when you lose a loved one.

Learning about your family and reflecting on and celebrating life is very personal.  It is so important to value the uniqueness, honor and respect the individuals with grace.

Celebrating a name is a wonderful opportunity as a family to come together and officially give the love, recognition and prayers for the recipient.

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Prayers for Healing, Loss and Guidance.

Prayer has been proven to have affects on a person and situation.  When we seek comfort or assistance in prayer we ask the Universal Consciousness to hear us and help us or our family, friends or the planet.

Prayer is a simple conversation tapping into our heart and putting into words a message.  The intention of our message attracts the vibration, everything is energy.

Focusing on unconditional love and healing is a positive way to release fear, grudges, and bring forgiveness and healing.  Forgive-ness is a gift to our self because holding negative vibration within us affects our physiology.  It is a great step when you are ready...

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Rev. Stanton

Is a non-denominational Minister.  Ordained in Metaphysical Ministries in Canada; and in the United States of America in 2001.

Rev. Stanton has studied Religions of the East and Psychology of Religion at the University of Waterloo.  Trained as Yoga Instructor at the Sivananda Ashram in California.  Rev. Stanton facilitates multi-denominational ceremonies, meditation and breathing techniques and the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming to support wellness, communication and empowerment.  Trained by the Mennonite Conciliation Services in Conflict Resolution.

Peace begins within and communication, prayer and meditation is a beginning for a more peaceful experience in our life's journey.

Peace be with you,



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To serve you ...

Contact Rev. Stanton to save your date.  If you are looking for an Officiant for your wedding please e-mail.  For a Celebrant please e-mail and leave a telephone message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  E-mail or       Telephone:  905 869 8955.